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Welcome to Marijuana Links where We have compiled a list of only the VERY BEST  marijuana sites out there for information and products. Click on the underlined links to go to that page in this site. We have expanded and improved this site check it out and enjoy yourself.

These are the best of the Legal Herbal Alternatives out there if you don't want to get busted or are out of town for a while these products are legal and you don't go to jail for possession of them and they work pretty good too, Legal Buds, LSD Alternatives, Ecstacy Alternative, Stimulants, Sex Enhancers, Sedatives.

Hi, if your like me it usually takes a while to find what your looking for on the internet. I have compiled these lists of sites that I have found to be more reliable than other sites for MARIJUANA SEED BANKS. On my travels through the expanse of cyber space I have found that this list of the very finest in MARIJUANA GROW GUIDES will help out any level of growing or you can subscribe directly to some very knowledgeable  experts at GROWADVICE.COM they have very reasonable rates and are pretty quick to respond.

Searching for a particular site dedicated to marijuana, hemp check out this list of MARIJUANA SEARCH ENGINES to find anything marijuana you are looking for.

Just looking for information on MEDICAL MARIJUANA check out this page. Looking for something a bit more entertaining try the MARIJUANA MOVIES selection for some awesome  movies to watch while baked.


Awesome Marijuana Alternatives!!!!!!! Get High Without Getting Busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click to Buy - Blueberry Bud's

This Blueberry Bud's for you! Beautiful BLueberry buds, filled with gorgeous red hairs make this new exotic herbal smoke one of our top choices for an "all bud" smoke! Composed of 100% legal herbs, this bud is one potent, sweet smelling smoke! Very relaxing and mildly intoxicating, the smoke from this legal bud is sure to impress ANY herbal toker. - Click here to Buy

Click to Buy - Exotic Hawaiian Hydro-ponic Import 

Voted the best of the best 100% legal alternative smokes by hightimes magazine readers 7 years in a row for it's ultra potent buds and smoke! Flown in from the islands, Freshly Picked and bagged directly from the 2000 acre reserve in Hawaii! Very sweet smell, great taste - Click here to Buy

Click to Buy - Honey Blonde Herbal Solid Concentrate

A wonderful smoke! Super potent thick resin made herbal honey blonde morroccan Herbal Solid Concentrate. This hash won best alternative Herbal Solid Concentrate product in high times, 97, 98, 99, 00'. It is one of our returning customer favorites~! Burns well. Thick 1/4 Ounce.  - Click here to Buy


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